Our Vision

Our '20/20 vision'

  • "We see an enthusiastic, vibrant, and edgy church growing in West Bridgford that births strong congregations in Ruddington, Cotgrave and Keyworth".

Some dictionary definitions

  • Enthusiasm: a strong interest or admiration; great eagerness; extravagant religious emotion
  • Vibrant: (of people) thrilling; (of sound) resonant
  • Edge: incisiveness, keenness, excitement, non-routine
  • Grow: develop in a specific way or direction; become gradually more favoured
  • Birth: the beginning or coming into existence of something

Two meanings of the 'Rock'

  • First and foremost, God is our Rock. He is stable, reliable, and unmovable. He protects us in life's storms and delivers us from evil.
  • Secondly, RoCK is an anagram of Ruddington, Cotgrave and Keyworth, the places in the South Notts district that God has laid on our hearts to start new churches in. Click here to see see what we are currently doing in these communities.
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